Our current course offerings under environmental design include Interior Design courses offered at three different levels to suit various needs – Certificate, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma. Apart from these courses, we are also looking to extend our offerings in the areas of product design, interior decoration, and project management.

What sets IDIS apart is that we are constantly striving to improve ourselves in tandem with the needs of both the local and global industries. This includes collaborating with the industries to know the latest outlooks and providing courses to hone each individual’s academic knowledge and skills to embark on their new career in the various design disciplines.

Admission information:

There are 4 intakes for the Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses in a year — January, April, July and October. Applications are accepted all year round.

July 2024 Now Open for Enrolment

Certificate in Interior Design and Decorative Techniques

A twelve (12) months fundamental course designed for anyone who aspires to be a residential interior designer. This course will enable participants to explore the development and processes to complete a residential interior design project.

Certificate in Interior Design and Decorative Techniques consists of two (2) semesters spread over a period of twelve (12) months. It offers a holistic program to build your fundamental skills as a designer.

Designers will be introduced to concepts such as the Seven (7) Design Principles, together with essential design skills like space planning, colour concepts, design styles, materials, lighting and finishes.

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Diploma in Interior Design

An incremental six (6) months course that extends from the Certificate course; introducing participants to the world of commercial interior design. This course allows participants to broaden and diversify their design skillsets, preparing them for future industry practice.

Diploma in Interior Design consists of three (3) semesters spread over eighteen (18) months and is an extension of the Certificate course.

It has a continuation of subjects such as Design Studio and Design Communication covered in the first year, alongside new subjects that delve into the commercial aspect of design.

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Advanced Diploma in Interior Design

An incremental six (6) months course that extends from the Diploma course. This course will cover how professional designers manage and work together with other stakeholders in a large scale commercial project

Advanced Diploma in Interior Design consists of four (4) semesters spread over a period of twenty-four (24) months. This is where participants will learn to be top-notch designers who can communicate well with clients and learn to plan ahead.

Participants will acquire a well-rounded knowledge appropriate for professional practitioners in the design industry, and with the capability to lead a team of designers.

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Diploma in Interior Decoration
Diploma in Product Design
Diploma in Project Management

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