Hear from our Students:

Chris, Intake 536

” I am a renovation contractor. Speaking with designers has always been a difficult task in the course of my work. One of my objectives for 2021 was to enroll myself in an interior design course to learn the designer mindset, language, and working method. During this one year, I have learned things that are beyond my own imagination and expectation. Now I can speak with designers better, understand their mindset, and most importantly, be able to differentiate a good design from a bad design. I believe we can all bring design to a higher level as an interior designer or a hands-on contractor. “

Romola, Intake 535

” When I first came across the school’s website, I was skeptical whether I had it in me to learn something new and manage the course. But Inspiration Design International School gave me confidence that I needed and the desire to learn. Their practical approach to teaching has helped me learn well and also materialize my ideas. The importance given to one’s imagination is encouraging which helps students to think out of the box and explore possibilities. For someone who is looking to explore the Interior Design industry, I would highly recommend this Institute and would also thank Mr. Tay for his valuable insights. “

Koo Yew Chung, Intake 533

” When I looked for a school offering a part-time course in interior design, Inspiration Design International School is the only school in Singapore conducting. If you are looking for something that is small students per teacher ratio, you are in the right place. The teachers here not only follow your progress throughout the course, but they are also able to provide good examples to enhance your learning. They are professional in this field and what they shared, I would say are practical and relevant and prepare us well when we enter this industry.

They have plenty of teaching materials that are revised every semester for the past 30 plus years so that new skills or trends are delivered. Although their digital transformation may not be on par with some schools, to compensate for the shortfall, the school establishes strong interactions and promotes collaborative learning culture.

The pace is just right for a part-time student who has to cope with work and study. “

Phoebe, Intake 535

” Good educational journey. Good and known lecturers. The course is good, very informative and helps to prepare well for becoming a designer. I have enjoyed the opportunities to get to know others on my course and hear shared experiences.

As I work full-time, this course gave me the flexibility I needed to participate. The time of the lessons suited me perfectly. The deadlines given have been realistic and manageable – the school seems to have a good understanding of the difficulties of people’s other commitments.

Mickey, Intake 535

” I have a fruitful experience in Inspiration Design International School. The lecturers and staffs are friendly and caring. In addition, it bands the students together as a family. I am blessed to get a chance to be a part of IDIS students.

Alison, Intake 535

” I’ve always had a passion for Interior Design and sought to turn this passion into a potential career. I took an online course in Interior Design in 2020 and upon completion; decided it wasn’t enough and that I wanted something more substantial to hone my skills in Interior Design. I chanced upon Inspiration as I was searching for design schools in Singapore and decided to take a leap of faith since they offered what I was searching for.

The program I joined is a part-time program that mainly caters to working professionals, meaning that I can interact with like-minded people and share ideas with one another. The lecturers are all current practitioners in the field and they encourage us to explore all possibilities, striving to help us realise our fullest potential.

It has been memorable ever since I started my journey here and I have made many valuable relationships here with peers and mentors alike. Thank you to Inspiration for impacting my mindset and preparing me for future industry practice. “

Lim Kui Ying, Intake 531

” During the two years of studying at Inspiration Design International School, I have learned a lot of new knowledge and made friends with classmates who work in different fields. I am very happy that the knowledge learned here can be effectively applied in the workplace.

Hence, I am very grateful to the Principal, Jean, and the tutors of the school. Thank you for educating me patiently. When I encountered a problem with my homework, the school and the tutor never gave up on me; and instead, gave me selfless care and encouragement. “

Tan Qi He, Intake 534

” I sincerely feel that it is the right choice to study in the interior design course offered by IDIS. The teachers have working experience in the field of architecture and interior design and from them, I learned about various interior design concepts. I am very grateful to the school for giving me this rare learning experience. “

Lee Kher Ren, Intake 531

” The lecturers in IDIS are not only teaching design theory studies but also willing to share their experience with the students. This can help us to gear up for approaching the ID industry in the future. “

Siko, Intake 536

” Very experienced and knowledgeable lecturer, I am very happy with them. “