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As Singapore is constantly on an economic transportation and technological innovation, INSPIRATION continues to strive to offer relevant courses in the revolutionising industry. This allows our students to be equipped with knowledge and skills as they embark their new chapter.

Inspiration Design International School intends to hone its multi-faceted design students, who come from various cultures and continents, into well-equipped and creative designers, bringing diversity and dynamism into the quality of life.

Autodesk Authorised Training Centre

Certificate Programme

A 12-month foundation programme designed for anyone who aspires to be an interior designer. The course focuses on residential design with an introduction to commercial design and encompasses sketching, design communication, design contextual studies, construction drawing, electrical and section drawing, scale reading, material technologies, and appropriate colour concepts.
Certificate in Interior Design consists of 2 semesters spread over a period of 12 months. It offers a holistic program to build your basic skills as a designer. Students will be introduced to concepts such as the seven design principles, together with essential design skills such as space planning, colour concepts, design styles, materials, lighting, and finishes.
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Diploma Programme

A 6 months programme that includes two additional subjects not covered in the 1-Year Certificate Course: Design Calculation & Costing, and Design Practice Management. These subjects enable participants with a more complete knowledge of the real interior design industry. In addition, participants’ customer facing skills are honed with mentoring in design communication to allow them to present their ideas and proposals to clients in a sincere, professional manner.
The diploma consists of 3 semesters spread over a period of 18 months. It is a step up where you will be introduced to topics that will not only hone your skills further but teach you to become a professional designer. Students will acquire in-depth knowledge of design processes and related conceptual thinking methodologies through the completion of more complex project submission.
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Advanced Diploma Programme

An incremental 6 months programme that extends the Diploma in Interior Design. In addition to the ability to apply more philosophical design skills and knowledge, participants will be introduced to additional subjects relating to Environmental Design and Professional Design Practices. These will develop the participants to become well-rounded practitioners with a repertoire of versatile techniques not only in Interior aspects of design but also in environmental strategies, corresponding with the sustainable needs of the current design world.
Advanced Diploma consists of 4 semesters spread over a period of 24 months. This is where you will learn to be a top-notch designer who can communicate well with clients and learn to plan ahead. Students will acquire a well-rounded knowledge appropriate for professional practitioners in the design industry, and with the capability to lead a team of designers.
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